Anuario de Estudios Medievales, Vol 26, No 1 (1996)

ARCAT: un programa informático para el análisis del arte románico catalán

M. Teresa Matas i Blanxart
Institut d'Estudis Catalans, España


The ARCAT programme with the application of an advenced methodology, especially created for the study of Romanic Art, analyses, clasifies and studies the different stylistic, ornamental, pictoric, sumptuary and minor art categories of religious building which now exceed 2730 in number, checked in the data bank.

The Program has available 6500 variables wich take into account the defining architectural characteristics of a building. This information also includes 39 groups of documentation which completes the artistic analysis of each monument with an historical, documental and bibliographical base.

The Program lest anything about a concrete building to be consulted. In the same way, it allows the whole selection of geographical places, construction periods, units of documentation and variables. It is also possible to select a group of variables from a first choice to reach the concrete analysis of an element.

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